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LADYBUG with World CHILDHOOD Foundation

With purchasing a LADYBUG necklace you support World CHILDHOOD Foundation.

“All children have a right to a childhood, to safety, happiness, playfulness, and curiosity in life. All children have the right to grow up and develop socially and intellectually. World Childhood Foundation works to prevent abuse and exploitation of children. We support over 100 projects around the world, assisting children who are at risk of or are victims of abuse, children who are in alternative care, street children, and families at risk.”
The fabric that is used for LADYBUG is of 100% silk. To archive a “lighter and softer look” we use Habotai silk. Silk Habotai, from the Japanese for “soft as down”, is a lustrous, lightweight plain weave silk fabric. LADYBUG necklaces are all individually handmade with delicate silk , therefore each one is unique and special. Recommended from 3 years old and up.